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Pain In Shoulder Blade When Breathing

The scapula or scapula bone is a triangular structure which is at the rear of the shoulder. A physical injury or overuse of the shoulder (joint) is the most common cause of pain in the shoulder blade. However, in some cases, although no injury or physical effort, people experience discomfort in the shoulder. They complain that deep breathing is primarily responsible for causing pain in the shoulder blade. This topic has been discussed below.

Pain In Shoulder Blade When Breathing

There have been cases where people experience mild irritation in his shoulder while breathing. In some cases, patients struggle to get this shoulder pain that worsens with each deep breath. To avoid taking a deep breath can be a temporary solution to decrease pain. It is observed that laughing, sneezing, coughing or yawning also causes this pain shoulder blade. Difficulty sleeping and having trouble concentrating on the routine of everyday life are some of the issues related to people who suffer from this type of shoulder blade pain.

Causes Lung Problems

If the lungs are affected by infection, can cause pain in the shoulder blade. Lung problems are common among smokers and therefore are vulnerable to this type of problem. People diagnosed with a collapsed lung feel this pain during deep breaths.

Cervical Spine Problems

The shoulder blade pain often is associated with degeneration of the cervical spine (neck). The cervical spine, which originates from the base of the skull bone is comprised of 7 (intervertebral discs) and has 8 cervical nerves leaving the spinal cord. In case of damage to any of the nerves, also known as "pinched nerve", can cause pain in the shoulder blade when breathing. Any injury to the intervertebral disc moves from its normal position exerts undue pressure on the cervical nerves. As a result, the nerves are compressed, which can lead to pain in the shoulder blade that gets worse with breathing.


An MRI of the neck will help you determine whether there is a pinched nerve that is causing this kind of problem. A chest CT scan is essential for the diagnosis of pulmonary disorders. In some cases, doctors recommend trigger point therapy to relieve pain in the shoulder blade pain.
The shoulder blade pain when breathing is relatively uncommon and often, other factors are responsible for this problem. For example, sitting or standing in an inappropriate way for long periods of time can cause pain in the shoulder blade. So, sitting in a chair that provides adequate support for the back and neck is important. You can use a neck pillow while sitting in office chairs for better neck support. Pain between the shoulder blade followed by difficulty breathing usually indicative of underlying heart disease. In any case, it is important to get to the root of the problem for effective treatment measures to implement.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended to educate the reader. Not intended as a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.
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